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Steve McCutcheon

Steven C. McCutcheon, PhD, PE, D.WRE, F.EWRI: international expert in water resources, water quality, flooding, hydrology, climate change, hydrodynamics, coastal surge, sediment transport, toxic waste, phytoremediation, ecological, environmental and civil engineering. Solves very difficult, unique environmental problems that anticipate and define engineering practice. Defines scientific basis for resource management, court settlement, or claim.
Publications: 3 books, 280 publications, editor ASCE Environmental Engineering, co-editor Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 5 editorial boards.
Professional leadership: Senior ASCE Board Director, President American Ecological Engineering Society, founding diplomate AAWRE, AIA Reconnaissance Team—Sri Lanka mega tsunami, ASCE team to assess Mississippi Coast after Hurricane Katrina.
Awards: ACS and Association for Air and Waste Management—EPA Science Achievement Awards: Chemistry, Waste Management; ASCE—Government Civil Engineer, Torrens, Young Government Civil Engineer, others; EPA—Special Achievements: Bioremediation of EXXON VALDEZ Oil Spill, Sacramento River Chemical Spill.

Policy experience: WV Legislative Forest Management Review Commission testimony; Canadian scientific board testimony; cited by Louisiana Supreme Court; Federal delegations to China; Corps of Engineers invited testimony, Wisconsin 401 Water Quality Hearing; Italian, Australian government briefings; VP Parish zoning board.

Review-advisement: Alberta Innovates, US-Israel Bi-national Agricultural R&D Fund, International Re¬search and Exchanges Board, US National Research Council, American Academy of Environ¬mental Engineers, Civilian Re-search and Development Foundation, 42 journals, many others.

Experience: 35 years USGS Hydrologist and EPA National Expert and Senior Environmental Engineer, pioneer in sustainable phytoremediation and ecological engineering, $US6 million in research support.

Consulting: Italy water quality assessments; China arid lake and harbor water quality assessments; Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Han River before Olympics); flooding—New Orleans, Mississippi, NC, WV; Canadian oil sands management.

Ethics: Order of the Engineer, International Association of Environmental Ethics (charter), Environmental Ethics Faculty University of Georgia.

Lectures:  357 in 7 countries;

University teaching-advisement: 18 universities in 4 countries.

EWRI Fellow Since 2013