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Theodore Cleveland

Dr. Cleveland blends strong skills in water resources investigation using laboratory and field methods with equally strong skills in information management, experimental design, and computational modeling. He is a competent programmer, experimental researcher, modeler, and teacher. His technical background includes environmental and civil engineering, and his research work is focused on water resources problems encompassed by both of these areas.

He has developed and used computational and experimental tools to support hydrologic research and development as well as having conducted research in solid-liquid separations.    He has supervised numerous studies of natural water, storm water, and wastewater systems.  He has personally conducted sewer infiltration studies, field dye-tracer studies, and rapid biological assessments of a coastal stream. He has personally constructed three cluster computers to support large-scale data processing and has built image collection systems to measure flows by image interpretation.

Project Activity: Current and past projects include: culvert designs to facilitate solids transport through the culvert to preserve the natural stream-bed gradient; empirical velocity diagrams to provide rapid QA/QC check for hydraulics models; hydrologic modeling approaches for low-slope watersheds; applicability of the rational and modified rational method for transportation infrastructure design; research to estimate the effect of urbanization on storm water runoff quantity and timing; research to quantify performance of temporary sediment controls in highway construction, including use of rapid-biological assessment to quantify impact to receiving streams; research to identify pollutant sources in an urban underground storm drainage system and mitigation strategies; use of agricultural-derived filter-aids to produce burnable filter-cake. Dr. Cleveland also developed techniques to identify rainfall induced inflow and infiltration by ammonia dilution in the collection system.

Dr. Cleveland also conducts professional contract training in hydrology, urban storm drains, and watershed modeling with HEC-HMS, and engineering ethics.

EWRI Fellow Since 2013