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Committee Meeting Authorization and Reimbursement Request Form

IMPORTANT: This form applies only to EWRI committees which DO NOT fall under the Standards Development Council (EWRI Standards Committees, committees which fall under the EWRI Standards Development Council, must use the EWRI Standards Committee Meeting Request Form).

This online form must be used when requesting authorization for expense reimbursement for an EWRI Committee (that is not an EWRI standards committee) and must be submitted to EWRI at least 45 days in advance of the meeting. Upon approval, EWRI staff will an email authorization to the EWRI Committee members and the chair of the parent committee/council at least 30 days prior to the activity date.

Please remember to plan committee meetings well in advance to avoid missing the meeting request submission deadline and to avoid subsitution complications. If the meeting request submission deadline is missed, the meeting will not be recognized as an official ASCE/EWRI committee meeting and travel reimbursement might not be authorized by EWRI. Additionally, Committee Chairs/Meeting Organizers are advised to check with the attendees they request be reimbursed 30 days prior to the meeting date to avoid any substitution complications. Substitution made after 30 days will not be authorized for reimbusement.
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*Committee Name
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*Meeting Location
*Meeting Goal/Justification
*Meeting Time(s)
Please select the month, day, year, start time and end time for your each day of your meeting. If your committee is only meeting for one day, under Day 2 select "N/A" for all drop down items (month, day, year, start time, and end time)." If you are planning a meeting for more than two days, please place a detailed request under the special instructions section of the form.
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*Special Instructions
*Requested Amount:
Due to budget limitations,
the requested amount may not
necessarily be granted in full.
*Number of attendees anticipated:
*Names of Attendees to be Reimbursed
(Must be members of either EWRI/ASCE)

Substitutions/alternates are subject to the approval of staff and must be supplied in writing to EWRI 30 days prior to the committee meeting date. Substitutions made after 30 days will not be authorized for reimbursement. Committee chairs/meeting organizers are advised to check with the attendees they list below 30 days prior to the meeting date to avoid any complications.
Please include your proposed agenda in the space below. An agenda must be included as part of the meeting request.
* Committee Chair/Secretary will distribute agenda.

By signing below you agree that the information provided in this form is correct and accurate.
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