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EWRI Currents Newsletter

Currents is EWRI's quarterly newsletter which keeps members up to date on the latest EWRI news, information, and events. The Communications Council is always accepting content for upcoming issues of Currents, so please submit articles or direct questions regarding the newsletter to Communications Council Chair John Weiland. View the most recent issues of Currents below:

 EWRI Currents Winter 2014
 EWRI Currents Spring 2014     

 EWRI Currents Fall 2013
 EWRI Currents Summer 2013
 EWRI Currents Spring 2013

 EWRI Currents Fall 2012
 EWRI Currents Summer 2012
 EWRI Currents Spring 2012

Visit the Member-Only EWRI Currents Archive for more issues of Currents.

Spring Currents 2014 Cover - FINAL