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Welcome to the ASCE Global Center of Excellence in Computing

The Information Technology revolution is changing our lives. Its impact is demonstrated by advances in computing and communication, and especially through the rapidly expanding use of computer networks, the Internet and related computing technologies. These advances have already changed engineering practice and are expected to produce more far-reaching changes soon.

The scale of engineering activities is increasing every year. Globalization of operations in civil engineering has become an accepted phenomenon. Civil engineering companies, as well as educational and research institutions, are now working together as an international network to properly address globalization challenges in the area of computing. This network will support the development of civil engineering-specific computing knowledge, sharing teaching modules and standards and exchanging information. Consequently, technological progress is more effectively stimulating growth of civil engineering markets on a global scale, thereby benefiting people who come from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds.

For example, a group of participating institutions is creating new civil engineering knowledge in the form of teaching modules that specifically account for the civil engineering context with respect to computing. These modules are utilized for teaching by the Center's members. In this way, this new knowledge is disseminated throughout the world, gradually reaching students and professionals on all continents. Although our initial focus is on education and coordination of activities, it will gradually move to joint sponsored projects in areas of research and technology transfer.

Five Days in Nigeria

Five Days in Nigeria Workshop, November December 2010 Scott J. Remer, a Graduate Student at the Civil, Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering Department, George Mason University presents his remarks on a trip to Nigeria which goal was to partner with Nigeria's