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Geo-Strata Magazine

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Geo-Strata, the official bi-monthly magazine of the Geo-Institute, features articles written by and for engineering professionals. Articles cover the use of new technologies, construction techniques, business management, unique projects, and industry news along with providing leadership on educational, professional and public policy issues. This magazine is designed to showcase the role of the geo-professional and has consistently succeeded in doing that.

 Geo-Strata is a complimentary Geo-Institute membership benefit. It is not available by subscription.

Wait Until You See Geo-Strata Magazine's 78th Issue

When you open the September/October 2014 Geo-Strata this fall, you'll find a Geo-Strata with a spanking new design! We're very excited about the new look, and we hope you enjoy it. We can't wait to share it with you and hear your comments and feedback.

Members - Read Geo-Strata

To receive Geo-Strata, join the Geo-Institute. ASCE members can select the Geo-Institute as their free Institute or add the Geo-Institute for just $30. Contact ASCE customer service at or by phone at (800) 548-2723.


 How do I advertise in Geo-Strata Magazine?
 How do I submit an article to Geo-Strata?
 How do I submit information for the CoreBits section of Geo-Strata?
 May I reprint content from Geo-Strata?
 Where may I send my comments and letters to the editor?

Advertise in Geo-Strata

Geo-Strata magazine is the ideal venue for your geotechnical advertising needs because it offers you the opportunity to target your marketing message directly to geotechnical engineers.

The magazine's more than 11,000 readers include engineers, scientists, technologists, educators, students, and organizations interested in improving the environment, mitigating natural hazards, and economically constructing engineered facilities. The magazine is trusted by professionals involved in the design and construction of major projects.

Download 2014 Geo-Strata Media Kit (.pdf)

Issue Themes

  • November/December 2013 - Geo-mélange
  • January/February 2014 – Sustainable Design
  • March/April 2014 – Geotechnical Asset Management
  • May/June 2014 – Urban Geotechnical
  • July/August 2014 – Uncertainty & Risk
  • September/October 2014 – Performance Monitoring of Geotechnical Structures
  • November/December 2014 – Karst and Sinkholes
  • January/ February 2015 – Foundations
  • March/ April 2015 – Geosynthetics
  • May/ June 2015 – Ports, Harbors, & Shorelines
  • July/ August 2015 – Big Ideas for Small Projects
  • November/ December 2015 – What's the Future Hold?   

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Submitting an Article

Each issue of Geo-Strata is focused on one theme around which four to five articles are written.  Each issue's theme, and articles, are determined approximately 6-8 months in advance of the cover date.

To submit an article for possible publication in the magazine, please send a 100-200 word abstract to Geo-Strata is not a journal, and is written in a conversational tone which does not include footnotes and/or references.

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Submitting Information For CoreBits

CoreBits is the news and information section of the Geo-Strata magazine.  Each bi-monthly issue contains information about G-I News, G-I Members in the News, G-I Organizational Member news, G-I Chapter News, Allied Organization News, and General Industry News.

To submit information and high-resolution photos for CoreBits, send your brief 100-200 word news items about recent member honors, awards, special appointments, promotions, etc. to Photos must be sent as separate pdf, tif, or jpeg files and must not be embedded in the copy.

Do not send:

  • Press Releases longer than 200 words
  • Information about non-Geo-Institute members, unless he or she is an employee of a Geo-Institute Organizational Member company.
  • Corporate sales products or services' announcements
  • Sales-oriented copy

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No portion of Geo-Strata may be reprinted, translated, or posted on a Web site without prior permission.

Requests for reprints and/or re-publishing of any content appearing in Geo-Strata magazine should be addressed to

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Geo-Strata Comments and Letters to the Editors

Send Geo-Strata article comments, letters to the Editors, and inquiries to Letters may be edited for clarity and style, as well as to conform to space constraints. We regret that we cannot publish every letter received.

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