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Organizational Member Council

What is the Geo-Institute Organizational Member Council (OMC)?
The OMC of the Geo-Institute (G-I) is a group of 5-8 dedicated Organizational Member representatives who serve all G-I Organizational members (OM). The members are selected by the OMC chair, with the assistance of the Geo-Institute Board of Governors (BoG) and G-I OMC liaisons.

Why was the Geo-Institute Organizational Member Council formed?
The OMC represents the interests of the Organizational Members of the G-I, with the ultimate goal of enhancing this special membership category. The OMC examines ways to increase the value of the Organizational Membership by: recognizing the needs of the OM firms, identifying various activities or products that address those needs, and work with the G-I staff and leadership to implement the resulting programs.

What are some activities in which the OMC participates?

  • Organizing and hosting the Organizational Member/Student Reception at the Geo-Institute annual Congress.
    The OMC selects a group of top geotechnical students to attend the conference and to meet the Organizational Members at an exclusive icebreaker reception.
    The OMC also provides each selected student with a stipend funded from OM dues.
  • Working with the editors of Geo-Strata to bring business content to the magazine.
  • The OMC organizes and selects the Geo-Institute Corporate Volunteer Award winner.  This annual award is given to a firm that “gives the most back” to the profession and the Geo-Institute.
  • Recruits new OMs and serves as liaisons to current OMs.

Is there a relationship between the OMC and the G-I Board of Governors?
The OMC reports directly to the G-I BoG and will relay to the BoG, through a designated board liaison, concerns and suggestions regarding OM activities or interests.

Are there designated terms for OMC members?
Members serve a three-year term and the chair serves a two-year term, but other succession plans may be implemented at the chair’s discretion. The OMC has a minimum of one in-person meeting per year and meest at other times (in person or via teleconference) as necessary, and within the OMC budget.

How do I become an OMC member?
Express your interest in becoming an OMC member in writing to or by phone to Linda Bayer at 703-295-6162.

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