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G-I Awards Summary

This table is a quick reference for awards of particular interest to G-I members and other geo-professionals.

All nominations are submitted using the ASCE Official Award Nomination Form.
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Award   Who is Eligible? Frequency Nominations Due   Questions/ Submissions

Ralph B. Peck Award

Recognizes an individual's outstanding contributions to the geotechnical engineering profession through the publication of a thoughtful, carefully researched case history or histories, or the publication of recommended practices or design methodologies based on the evaluation of case histories.

Annual June 1 Jane Alspach  

H. Bolton Seed Medal

Recognizes outstanding contributions to teaching, research, and/or practice in geotechnical engineering.

Annual June 1 Jane Alspach

Karl Terzaghi Award

Presented for outstanding contributions to knowledge in the fields of soil mechanics, subsurface and earthwork engineering, and subsurface and earthwork construction.

June 1 Jane Alspach

Carl L. Monismith Award

Awarded for outstanding research contributions in Pavement Engineering.

Annual June 1 Jennifer Canning  

Arthur Casagrande Professional Development Award

Presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishments as evidenced by completed works, reports or papers in the field of geotechnical engineering.

The award was established to provide professional development opportunities for outstanding young practitioners, researchers and teachers of geotechnical engineering.

Annual August 15 Jane Alspach

Martin S. Kapp Foundation Engineering Award

Recognizes the best example of innovative or outstanding design or construction of foundations, earthworks, retaining structures, or underground construction.

Annual August 15 Jane Alspach

Wallace Hayward Baker Award

Recognizes ingenious innovation in the field of ground modification.

Emphasis placed on the resourceful development of a new technology or the creative application of existing technology to achieve field performance not previously demonstrated.

Annual August 15 Jennifer Canning  

Harry Schnabel Jr Award  

Recognizes Harry Schnabel's accomplishments in the field of Earth Retaining Structures over a 50 year career and encourages continued excellence and innovation by those making a career in the earth retaining structures industry

Annual August 15 Jennifer Canning

Walter Huber Prizes

The Walter L. Huber Civil Engineering Research Prizes recognize members of the Society, in any grade, who demonstrate notable achievements in research related to Civil Engineering.

Preference is given to younger members (generally under 40 years of age) of early accomplishment who can be expected to continue fruitful careers in research.

Annual October 1 Jane Alspach

Norman Medal

The Norman Medal, instituted in 1872, recognizes a paper than contributes to engineering science.

Annual October 1 Jane Alspach

J. James Croes Medal

There is no direct nomination path for the J. James R. Croes Medal, since the award is the runner-up to the Norman Medal.


Arthur M. Wellington Prize

Recognizes a paper on transportation on land, on the water, in the air or on foundations and closely related subjects.

Annual October 1 Jane Alspach

Thomas A. Middlebrooks Award

Recognizes a paper contributing to geotechnical engineering.

Annual November 1 Jane Alspach