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Codes and Standards

The CSC will provide leadership within the G-I on pubic policy issues related to geo-applications in the form of consensus standards, guidelines and practices. The CSC will establish G-I as a leading geotechnical standards developing organization serving the profession and public at large.



Former Geo-Institute Presidents
Alan MacNab and Sandra Houston

G-I Codes and Standards Activities

Data Interchange for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (DIGGS)

In October 2013, the G-I was awarded a two year contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to implement DIGGS. The DIGGS project ( involves development of a GML (XML based) geospatial standard schema for transfer of geotechnical and geoenvironmental data utilizing existing software and hardware, databases and data storage facilities. Once implemented, the DIGGS standard will help meet the need for data asset management, and allow data to be easily shared saving state DOTs and other organizations millions of dollars in drilling costs and laboratory analysis.

The DIGGS project has been ongoing since 2005 via the efforts of a pool fund study managed by the ODOT. DIGGS 2.0α was completed in July 2012 and the last of the pool funds were used for a workshop to introduce the DIGGS project to the Geo-Institute of ASCE. It’s envisioned that the G-I will manage DIGGS long term beyond the contract with ODOT.

The Geo-Institute was awarded the contract by ODOT to do the following: Complete the DIGGS implementation and release to the public by October 2015; transition of ownership of DIGGS to the Geo-Institute; and development of a long term business plan and management structure for DIGGS.

The implementation will involve the following: 

  • Engagement of a DIGGS Advisory Board,
  • Creation of a DIGGS Standards Committee,
  • Surveying the DIGGS user community,
  • Development of training materials,
  • Pilot testing of DIGGS 2.0α,
  • Updating of the GML schema as needed, and
  • Refining existing tools and creation of new ones.

If you’re interested being a part of the DIGGS standard development, please contact Robert Schweinfurth, G-I Director and Principle Investigator by email or phone at (703) 295-6015.