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Geo-SEI 2016 Call for Submissions

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Call for Session Proposals and Abstracts

 Submit an Abstract for an Individual Presentation

 Submit a Proposal for a Full Session

 Important Notes on Submissions

Call for Session Proposals and Abstracts for Individual Presentations

Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Congress 2016
February 14-17, 2016
Phoenix, AZ

The Organizing Committee of the Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Congress 2016 seeks dynamic sessions and presentations on topics addressing both Geotechnical and Structural Engineering issues. Final papers are optional and will not be peer reviewed.

Consider submitting either session proposals or single abstracts related to the topics and subtopics of interest to both professions. Joint sessions with Geo-Institute and SEI committees are especially welcome.

We encourage submissions from practitioners, educators, researchers, geotechnical engineers, geoprofessionals, structural engineers, bridge and building designers, firm owners, codes and standards developers, and others.

Abstracts and full session proposals can be submitted for consideration October 15, 2014 through April 7, 2015.

What types of submission can you make?

You may submit either an Individual Abstract or a Full Session proposal.

New Individual Abstract describes an individual presentation. These are reviewed and grouped with other individual abstracts to create 90 minute sessions. You will need to choose a topic and subtopic to help categorize your abstract.

New Full Session Proposal describes a 90 minute program.  Sessions may be Traditional Sessions or Panel Sessions.

  • What do I include in a Session Proposal submission?
  • A Traditional Session has a moderator and presentations of around 4 abstracts/ papers.
    Traditional Sessions require 2 steps in the submission process (download guide to submission in .pdf format):
    • Step One: The Session Moderator submits the session document to the Paper Management System (PMS.)
      The Moderator notifies the authors/presenters that the PMS is ready to accept their abstracts and gives them the “session title” and “session number” assigned by the PMS. (The authors will need the session title and session number to correctly select the session from a drop down menu.)
    • Step Two: After the session document is submitted and the authors have received the Session Title and Session Number,
      the authors will log into the PMS and
      • select the appropriate session from the drop down menu
      • and type their abstracts into the PMS.
      • This option is only for authors who have already been invited to be part of a specific session.  If you submit your abstract to a session to which you weren't already invited, your abstract will be removed and may not be considered for the program.  If more than 5 abstracts are connected to your session, the review committee will select the best abstracts to include with your session and remove the others.
  • A Panel Session has a moderator and presenters, but no abstracts or final papers, and may be more interactive.
    Panel sessions have one step in the submission process (download guide to submission in .pdf format):
    •  The Session Organizer selects "New Full Session Proposal" on the author tab in the PMS and submits the session document.

General Notes on Submissions  

  • The login name and password used for the abstract upload to the paper management system are the same for the final paper upload.
    They cannot be changed to a different login name and password.
  • Allowable file types are Word 2003 (.doc)/2007 (.docx) or rich text format (.rtf). Columns and PDFs are not allowed.
  • Final papers are optional (no peer review and no GSP)
  • You are required to register for the Congress, attend, and make a presentation in your approved and assigned session.
  • All sessions are 90 minutes.
  • No more than 5 abstracts will be allowed in any 90 minute session. 4 abstracts are preferred.
  • The review committee reserves the right to remove abstracts from a full session on technical grounds and/or add other submitted abstracts that are a better fit for the session.
  • Abstract and Session submissions will be reviewed by the Joint Committee, GEO subcommittee, and the SEI NTPC for decisions on acceptance

 If you have further questions, please contact Debbie Smith at 703-295-6095

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