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Geo-SEI 2016 Guide for Abstracts

Geo-SEI 2016 - link to main page

Call for Abstracts and Session Proposals

  Call for Submissions

  What should I include in my Session Proposal? 

What should I include in my Abstract submission?

This is an outline of information you should include in your abstract.
This is not a template or formatting guide.

Download guide for submitting your Abstract to the PMS (.pdf)  

 Abstract Title:  Enter the title on the Abstract tab In the Paper Management System (PMS).

The paper management system takes what you entered and adds it to your abstract text.

Authors' (and Presenters') Information: Enter all author information under the Author Tab.

  • Name with credentials (e.g. – P.E., Ph.D., M.ASCE)
  • Company
  • and working email address.

    All correspondence to authors is done via email. Please make sure you enter working email addresses in the PMS.

Under which Topic/Subtopic is this abstract being submitted? Please include that Topic/ Subtopic in your abstract.

Is this abstract connected to an organized session?
If yes: please include the full Session title and Session number in the abstract text.
Do not attempt to submit your Abstract until you have the full Session title and Session number.  

Brief Description (250 - 500 words) of what will be discussed during the presentation:  

  • Is this topic of regional, national or international interest?
  • Who is the target audience? Please be specific: for example, is the target audience:
    • university faculty? If so what discipline?
    • design professionals? - If yes, what specialty?
    • code developers? If so what type?
    • construction management professionals? If so what type of construction?
    • Other? – If so who? What discipline and what level of employment?
  • What will the audience take away from your presentation? Try to list 3-5 specific points.  For example:
    • How will the audience be able to use what they learn?
    • How will this help the audience in their job?
    • Is this research that other faculty could use to expand their research or teaching?
    • Does this provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient?
    • Will it improve the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem?
    • List other benefits.

Questions? Contact Debbie Smith at 703-295-6095.
Please feel free to clarify any questions before attempting to submit your document to the PMS.