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Geo-SEI 2016 List of Committees

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Call for Abstracts and
Session Proposals 


Geo-Institute and Structural Engineering Institute Committees

Call for Abstracts and Session Proposals
Geotechnical & Structural Engineering Congress 2016
February 14-17, 2016
Phoenix, AZ

Geo-Institute Technical Committees  |  Structural Engineering Institute Committees

Geo-Institute Technical Committees

Computational Geotechnics
Scott Taylor Anderson, P.E., M.ASCE

Deep Foundations
J.Brian Anderson, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE
Auburn University

Earth Retaining Structures
Dimitrios Konstantakos, P.E., M.ASCE

Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics
Xiangwu Zeng, M.ASCE
Case Western Reserve University

Embankments, Dams, and Slopes
Garry H. Gregory, Ph.D., D.GE, P.E., M.ASCE
Gregory Geotechnical

Engineering Geology and Site Characterization
Xiong (Bill) Yu, Ph.D., P.E., M.ASCE

Geoenvironmental Engineering
Krishna R. Reddy, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE
University of Illinois at Chicago

Geophysical Engineering
Nenad Gucunski, A.M.ASCE
Rutgers University

James G Collin, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, F.ASCE

Geotechnics of Soil Erosion
Ming Xiao, P.E., M.ASCE
Pennsylvania State University

Steve C Maranowski, A.M.ASCE
Spartan Specialties Ltd

Charles Warren Schwartz, Ph.D., M.ASCE
University Of Maryland

Risk Assessment and Management
D.Vaughan Griffiths, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE

Rock Mechanics
Fulvio Tonon, P.E., M.ASCE

Shallow Foundations
Daniel J. Rich, P.E., M.ASCE

Soil Improvement
Kyle M Rollins, Ph.D., M.ASCE

Soil Properties and Modeling
Marika C Santagata, Ph.D., M.ASCE
Purdue University

Sustainability In Geotechnical Engineering
Jeffrey R Keaton, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE, P.G., ENV SP , F.ASCE
AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

Underground Engineering & Construction
Elizabeth Marie Dwyre, P.E., D.GE, M.ASCE

Unsaturated Soils
Laureano R. Hoyos
Univ of Texas at Arlington

Structural Engineering Institute Committees

Advances in Information Technology
Ron Eguchi
ImageCat, Inc.

Advances in Simulation
Kapil Khandelwal
Notre Dame University

Task Committee on Wood Pole Structures for Electrical Transmission Lines
James McGuire
Great River Energy

Concrete and Masonry Structures
David Sanders
University of Nevada

Design Reinforced Concrete Slabs (w/ ACI 421)
Mahmoud Kamara
Structure Point

Concrete Shell Design and Construction (w/ ACI 334
Michael Hunter
Domtec International LLC

Prestressed Concrete (w/ACI 423)
Carin Roberts-Wollman

Shear and Torsion (w/ ACI 445)
Daniel Kuchma
University of Illinois

Precast Concrete Structures (w/ ACI 550)
Harry Gleich
Metromont Corporation

Reinforced Concrete Columns (w/ ACI 441)
Nadim Wehbe
South Dakota State Univ

Joints and Connections In Monolithic Con St (w/ ACI 352)
Mary Beth Hueste
Texas A & M University

Finite Element Analysis of Reinf Concrete St (w/ ACI 447)
Ganesh Thiagarajan
Univeristy of Missouri, Kansas City

Vijaya K Gopu

Wood Research
Arijit Sinha
Oregon State University

Wood Education
Mikhail Gershfeld

Gian Andrea Rassati
University of Cincinnati

Structural Members
Jennifer McConnell
University of Delaware

Methods of Design
Larry Fahnestock
University of Illinois at U-C

Structural Connections
James Swanson
Univ Of Cincinnati

Composite Construction
Amit Varma

Special Structures
Mark Waggoner
Walter P Moore & Assocs

Fatigue and Fracture
Sougata Roy

Design of Steel Building Structures
Peter Cheever

Cold-Formed Members
Cristopher Moen

Performance of Structures
Harry Tripp Shenton
Univ Of Delaware

Performance-Based Design For Structures
Jian Zhang
University of California, Los Angeles

Methods of Monitoring Structural Performance
Marvin Halling
Utah State University

Structural Identification of Constructed Systems
Fikret Catbas
Univ Of Central Florida

Disproportionate Collapse Technical Committee
David Stevens
Protection Engineering Consultants

Dynamic Effects
Rakesh Goel
Cal Poly

Seismic Effects
Kevin Mackie
University of Central Florida

Emerging Analysis Methods in Earthquake Engineering
Rakesh Pathak
Bentley Systems Inc

Blast, Shock and Impact
Vincent Chiarito
US Army Eng R&D Center, WES

Eric Williamson
University of Texas at Austin

Bridge Management, Inspection and Rehabilitation
Anil Agrawal
City College Of New York

Steel Bridges
Joseph Yost
Villanova University

Concrete Bridge Design (w/ ACI 343)
Danielle Kleinhans
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Cable-Supported Bridges
Marwan Nader
T Y Lin International

Timber Bridges
Douglas Rammer
US Forest Service

Bridge Security Committee
Charles Crane

Analysis and Computation
Christopher Foley

Structural Control and Sensing
Richard Christenson

Optimal Structural Design
James Guest
Johns Hopkins University

Special Design Issues
Dirk Kestner
Walter P Moore

Aesthetics in Design
David Shook

Fire Protection
Maria Garlock
Princeton Univ

Electrical Transmission Structures (ETS)
Michael Miller
SAE Towers, Ltd.

Gene Wilhoite Award Subcommittee
Robert Nickerson

Task Committee on Electrical Transmission Line Structural Loading
Frank Agnew
Alabama Power Company

Task Committee On Substation Structural Design
George Watson

Task Committee On Recommended Practice For Fiber-Reinforced Products in Overhead Utilities Line Structures
Galen Fecht

Tall Buildings
Tracy Kijewski-Correa
University Of Notre Dame

Sustainability Committee
James D'Aloisio
Klepper Hahn & Hyatt

Development and Splicing of Deformed Bars (W/ ACI 408)
Lisa Feldman
University of Saskatchewan

Fracture Mechanics of Concrete (W/ ACI 446)
Gianluca Cusatis

Technical Council On Safety, Risk And Life-Cycle Performance
Dan Frangopol
Lehigh University

Task Group 1 On Life-Cycle Performance Of Structural Systems
Mitsuyoshi Akiyama
Waseda University

Task Group 2 Reliability-Based Structural System Performance Indicators
Michel Ghosn
The City College of New York / CUNY

Task Group 3 Risk Assessment of Structural Infrastructure Facilities and
Bruce Ellingwood

Design of Wood Structures
Yue Li

Performance of Wood Structures
Felix Martin
Marcon Forensics

Multihazard Mitigation
Jamie Padgett
Rice University

Thermal Bridging Task Committee
Russell Miller-Johnson
Engineering Ventures

Structural Dynamics
Oren Lavan
Technion Israel Inst of Tech

Disaster Resilience of Structures, Infrastructures, and Comu
Gian Cimellaro
Department of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (DISTR), Politecnico Di To

Seismic Eval Of Struct At Water And Wastewater Facilities
Mary Goodson
CH2M Hill

Demolition Engineering
James Cohen

TC on Aesthetic Design of Transmission Line Structures
Mike Khavari  

ASCE 7-16 Minimum Design Loads For Buildings And Other Structure
Ronald Hamburger

Athletic Field Lighting Standards Committee
Brian Reese

Blast Protection of Buildings Standards
Don Dusenberry

Design Loads on Structures During Construction Standards
Robert Ratay

Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures Standards
Kenneth Sharpless

Design of Steel Transmission Towers Standards
Robert Nickerson

Disproportionate Collapse of Existing Building Structures
Don Dusenberry

Earthquake Actuated Automatic Gas Shutoff Systems Standards
Praveen Malhotra

Fiber Composites and Polymers Standards
Max Porter

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics Stacks Standards
Rodney Simonetti

Fiberglass Walkway Gratings Standards
Kenneth Berg

Flood Resistant Design and Construction Standards
Christopher Jones

Frost Protected Shallow Foundations
Gerald Eid

Seismic Analysis Of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures Stds
Robert Murray

Seismic Retrofit Of Existing Buildings Standards
Robert Pekelnicky

Shake Table Testing Standard
Hussain Bhatia

Stainless Steel Cold-Formed Sections Standards
Kim Rasmussen

Structural Applications of Steel Cables for Buildings
Kevin Wood

Structural Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of Buildings
George Mulholland

Structural Design for Fire Conditions Standards
Venkatesh Kumar Kodur

Task Committee on Dynamic Analysis of Nuclear Structures
Michael Salmon

Tensile Membrane Structures & Air-Supported Structures Stand
Edward DePaola

Wind Tunnel Testing Standards
Jon Peterka

SEI Leadership Council (Past Presidents)
Roberto Leon

SEI Membership Committee
Donna Friis

Structural Standards Coordination Council
Robert Bachman

SEI Student Initatives Committee
Riyadh Hindi

SEI Student Initatives Committee
Joseph Yost

SEI Young Professionals Committee
Cherylyn Henry

SEI Business & Professional Activities Division Excom
Patrick McCormick

SEI Business Practices Committee
Joseph Di Pompeo

SEI Design Practices Committee
Craig Wilcox

SEI Design Practices Committee
Beau Sanders

SEI Design Practices Committee
Edwin Nagy

SEI Digital Media Committee
Lisa Willard

SEI Engineering Philosophy Committee
Jon Schmidt

Joint SEI-CASE Committee on BIM
Will Ikerd

Joint SEI-CASE Committee on BIM
Wayne Muir

Joint SEI-CASE Committee on BIM
Michael Bolduc

SEI Professional Activities Committee
Randy Bernhardt

SEI Public Relations Committee
Cheng Lok Hing

SEI Public Relations Committee
Patti Harburg-Petrich

SEI Local Activities Division Excom
Victor Van Santen

SEI Local Activities Division Excom
Dale Thomas

SEI Local Activities Division Excom
Chad Schrand