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Small Grants Program

Poster Competition 

The purpose of the Student Leadership Council Small Grants Program is to provide Geo-Institute Graduate Student Organizations (GSOs) easy, reliable, and convenient access to small amounts of funding for student activities.

Grants are applied for by GSOs and awarded by a small committee composed of Student Leadership Council members.
Successful proposals will have clearly defined anticipated outcomes with one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Promote the geo-profession and student engagement with the GI
  2. Increase technical knowledge and/or professional skills of the participants
  3. Provide a valuable service to the community.

Requirements to Receive Funding:  

An event must be a student activity sponsored by a Geo-Institute GSO that is related to some aspect of geotechnical engineering. Examples of such activities include but are not limited to transportation to and from a construction site or a local G-I chapter meeting, the purchase of supplies for a local outreach program, or funding for overnight accommodations and geotechnical event tickets. The maximum amount of funding that will be granted per application will be $500. Applications will be read on a first come first served basis; however, preference will be given to GSOs applying for their first grant of the year. A minimum of four individuals must participate in the event to be eligible to receive funding.

GSOs receiving funding are required to provide the Student Leadership Council and the Geo-Institute a post-activity report documenting expenses, summarizing whether the activity met intended outcomes, and providing any lessons learned. Also, pictures documenting the event should be included with the report. The purpose of the post-activity reports is to showcase the range of activities GSOs are engaged in, as well as provide an idea bank for future activity planning.

Funding Timeline:  

If an applicant’s funding request is granted, the GSO should be prepared to provide the funds with the understanding that the Small Grants Program will reimburse the group within two weeks of submitting the final expense report. 

Apply for a Grant (.pdf)