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History and Heritage Committee

To celebrate the profession, ASCE established the History and Heritage Committee (HHC) in 1964. The Committee's mission is to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the profession's history and heritage.

The Committee shall originate and conduct programs relating to the history and heritage of the profession and shall promote local, national and international programs to create public and member understanding of civil engineering. Program areas include identification of landmarks, preparation of audiovisual materials, oral histories, books and sessions at conventions.

The committee on the History and Heritage [HHC) shall consist of at least three members, selected on the basis of knowledge of and interest in the history and heritage of civil engineering. Special consideration should be given to allowing longer than normal terms for highly motivated and productive members.

Staff liaison:
Carol Reese
ASCE World Headquarters
1801 Alexander Bell Drive
Reston, VA 20191-4400  
Phone 703-295-6240
Fax 866-902-5004