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ASCE Interchange

  • ASCE Interchange sponsored by Contech

    Welcome to ASCE Interchange, a multi-part series of educational videos on important issues in the engineering community produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers, brought to you by Contech Engineered Solutions.

  • In each monthly 6- to 7-minute segment, Casey Dinges, ASCE's senior managing director of public affairs, membership, and marketing, engages experts and other leading voices in interviews from the studios of Mobile Video in Washington, DC. 

    All episodes in the video series are available in ASCE News and on ASCE's YouTube channel.

    Season 2: Episode 6

    Nonverbal Communication Speaks Volumes in the Workplace

  • In this edition of ASCE Interchange, learn why nonverbal communication is more important than what you say, as ASCE interviews United States Military Academy associate professor Brock Barry, Ph.D., P.E. F.ASCE.

    ASCE Interchange is brought to you by Contech Engineered Solutions, a leading provider of site solutions for the civil engineering industry. Contech’s portfolio includes bridges, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary, stormwater, and wastewater treatment products. For more info, visit or call 800-338-1122.