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Ethics and Leadership Award Rules



The Professional Practice Ethics and Leadership Award

The Society instituted the award in 2005 to promote and recognize civil engineering leadership in professional practice and ethics. The Foundation for Professional Practice, established by ASFE and ASCE, donated the funds. The ASCE Committee on Professional Practice administers the award through the Honors and Awards Program.

I. The Society confers the award to honor a licensed professional engineer's accomplishments that preeminently promote superior engineering ethics and leadership.

II. The Society shall bestow this award to recognize an engineer-leader for a specific accomplishment or for lifetime achievements that demonstrate superior ethics and leadership while the individual participated in professional practice or service to the public.

III. The Society may bestow the award on one individual only, on an annual or less basis. The individual does not need to be a member of ASCE or ASFE. Persons are ineligible for the award if they are not licensed professional engineers or if they currently serve on, or have within five years of the nomination date served on, the ASCE Board of Direction or the ASFE Board of Directors.

IV. The Award Committee shall consist of three members in good standing of ASCE and three members in good standing of ASFE. These members - all licensed professional engineers - shall be appointed by the respective organization's president for staggered three-year terms. The Committee's chair shall be the representative in the third year of his or her term, and shall alternate annually between an ASCE and an ASFE representative. The Committee shall present information about the Award Committee's selection to the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction for final approval.

V. The award shall be presented at a mutually agreeable date and place determined annually by the Award Committee.

VI. The award shall consist of a certificate and honorarium, determined annually and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the ASCE Board of Direction based on the income from the award endowment.

VII. No one shall receive the award more than once.  

    To nominate for this award, submit the following:
  • A cover letter, signed by the nominator
  • An Official Award Nomination form  
  • The nominee's Curriculum Vitae or biographical information
  • Two or three letters of recommendation. The Society encourages electronic submissions, which must be sent to by June 1 or the next business day, if June 1 falls on a Saturday or on a Sunday. The Society also accepts "hard-copy" submissions, which must consist of one copy of the complete nomination package mailed or delivered to the Honors and Awards Program, ASCE headquarters, 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4400. Hard copy submissions must be received at ASCE by the same deadline as electronic submissions.