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International Coastal Eng Award Rules



International Coastal Engineering Award

This award was established to provide international recognition for outstanding leadership and development in the field of coastal engineering. This award was endowed in 1977 through personal contributions of coastal engineers throughout the world, most notably the significant contribution of Ing. Mauricio Porraz. The award was officially instituted by the Board of Direction in October 1977.

I.    The award may be made annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of coastal engineering in the manner of engineering design, teaching, professional leadership, construction, research, planning, or a combination thereof.

II.    Not more than one presentation of the award is made each year unless the achievement upon which the award is based is considered to be the contribution of more than one person. No one shall receive the award or a portion thereof more than once.

III.    The recipient of the International Coastal Engineering Award is to be chosen from the international community of coastal engineers, without restriction as to nationality or Society membership. The Coastal Engineering Research Council will nominate the recipient of this award and forward their nomination to the Awards Committee of the Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI). The COPRI Awards Committee will ensure that the appropriate process was followed in the selection of the nominee and, when satisfied the appropriate process was followed, will forward the nomination to the COPRI Board of Governors for approval. Final approval shall be the responsibility of the ASCE Executive Committee.

IV.    The winner shall receive a plaque and an honorarium that will be established annually by the Executive Committee of the Board of Direction on the basis of a review of the annual income from the award fund. In the case of a joint award, the lead recipient shall receive the plaque and cash prize. All other winners shall receive only a certificate.

V.    In even-numbered years the Award will, if possible, be presented at the International Coastal Engineering Conference. In odd-numbered years the award will be presented at an ASCE national or specialty conference as desired by the recipient. Winners who are not ASCE members are not presented at the ASCE Annual Conference.

VI.    In the absence of sufficient qualified nominations, the Coastal Engineering Research Council can choose not to make a recommendation in a given year. 

To nominate submit the following:

  • A cover letter, signed by the nominator
  • An Official Award Nomination form  
  • The nominee's CV or biographical information
  • Two or three letters of recommendation

Electronic submissions are encouraged to by November 1. Paper submissions are also accepted, in which case one copy of the complete nomination package should be received by the Honors and Awards Program at the ASCE headquarters: 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4400.

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