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Official Register

 ASCE Official Register 2014

The Official Register is published annually to provide ready access to governing documents, statistics, and general information about ASCE for leadership, members, and staff.


The Official Register can also be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the link below. For the convenience of those who want a printed book, Official Register 2014 is available for purchase from the ASCE Bookstore.

Contents include:

  • the ASCE constitution, bylaws, rules, and code of ethics;
  • information about member qualifications and benefits;
  • section and branch contacts;
  • technical, professional, educational, and student activities;
  • committee appointments;
  • past and present officers;
  • honors and awards;
  • Industry Leaders Council (ILC);
  • the ASCE Foundation; and
  • staff contacts.

In addition, the bylaws and committees for ASCE's institutes are included:

  • Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI);
  • Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI);
  • Construction Institute (CI);
  • Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI);
  • Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI);
  • Geo-Institute (G-I);
  • Structural Engineering Institute (SEI); and
  • Transportation & Development Institute (T&DI).