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Online Speakers Bureau

  • Volunteer members and staff from across ASCE collaborated to identify speakers and subject matter experts willing to become part of the ASCE Online Speakers Bureau.

    The Speakers Bureau allows potential speakers to sign-up online and provide details on their areas of expertise, and availability, etc. This database is accessible to members, and allows Sections, Branches, Younger Member groups, Institutes, Student Chapters and other ASCE groups to search for potential speakers.

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    For additional information or questions, please contact Laurie Hanson.

    One of ASCE's basic and important benefits is member-to-member exchange of ideas, knowledge, and friendship. The ASCE Speakers Bureau is an organized extension of idea and knowledge exchange. I joined the Speakers Bureau to enjoy presenting before colleagues, to have the advantage of receiving their feedback, and to make a contribution to my life's profession.”
    John A. Frauenhoffer P.E., S.E., M.ASCE