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Our Initiatives

  • The ASCE Board monitors key issues facing the civil engineering profession, addressing those that most demand civil engineers’ attention through strategic initiatives. Currently, ASCE pursues three strategic initiatives—Sustainable Infrastructure, the ASCE Grand Challenge, and Raise the Bar.

  • Sustainable Infrastructure

    As civil engineers, we are entrusted to maintain and modernize America’s deteriorating infrastructure as well as make our communities sustainable. ASCE continues to lead in these areas through:

      Learn about ASCE’s focus on both Infrastructure and Sustainability.

          ASCE Grand Challenge

          The investments needed to improve our infrastructure continue to increase well beyond available funding. How do we close the infrastructure gap? ASCE has issued a grand challenge to civil engineers and the industry:

            • Significantly enhance the performance and value of infrastructure projects over their life cycles by 2025 
            • Foster the optimization of infrastructure investments for society

            To reach this goal, the profession must influence major policy changes and infrastructure funding levels, while challenging civil engineers to focus on innovation, rethink life cycle costs, and drive transformational change—from planning to design to delivery.

            As one of the first steps in this new ASCE Grand Challenge strategic initiative, the Society launched the ASCE Innovation Contest, which encouraged professionals, educators, and students to share their most creative ideas for reshaping our nation’s infrastructure. ASCE has also introduced a four-part webinar series on strategies to close the gap between infrastructure needs and funding.

                Raise the Bar

                It’s time to align engineering education with a changing world.

                The complex challenges facing 21st-century society will require professional engineers to advance their technical excellence and professional leadership. The engineering education of the present—a four-year undergraduate degree—will not be sufficient to prepare the licensed professional engineers of the future.

                ASCE’s Raise the Bar strategic initiative seeks to advance the civil engineering profession and the public welfare by actively supporting the national movement to raise educational requirements for licensure of future professional engineers.