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Region 10

Region 10 is the home of ASCE international members.  The Region covers all countries outside of the United States.

Region 10 has four internationally elected Governors, one international appointed Governor, as well as the current Region 10 Director and the immediate past Director.  The Region 10 Board of Governors represents Region 10, and manages the operations of 19 international Sections, two International Branches, 16 international Groups, and 54 International Student Chapters. The Region 10 Director serves on the ASCE Board of Direction.

International Sections, Branches & Groups of ASCE are formed to promote technical and professional development of members through meetings, and study of local engineering practice. ASCE encourages the spirit of cooperation among engineers and with other local engineering societies in matters of common interest.

Local meetings of ASCE International Sections, Branches and Groups provide:

    • networking at meetings, expanding your circle of professional contacts; 
    • access to valuable information about local engineering conditions; and 
    • an opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

Any country may establish an International Group by providing a petition signed by 20 ASCE members in that country, along with a constitution, bylaws and a statement of purpose. After operating successfully for one year, the Group may upgrade to an International Section.

If you are interested in starting an international group, please contact ASCE Global Programs by email.

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