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SEI Division and Board-level Committees

SEI has four divisions: Business and Professional Activities (BPAD), Codes and Standards (CSAD), Local Activities (LAD), and Technical Activities (TAD). To join a committee, first verify in which division the committee resides, then complete the application form for that division at the bottom of the page.

Wind Loads CommitteeSEI Board-Level Committees

Board-level committees are created by the SEI Board of Governors to serve unique needs of the Board.

Business & Professional Activities Division

BPAD committees promote change in business and professional development issues unique to the structural engineering profession. Its committees are under the direction of the BPAD Executive Committee.

Codes & Standards Division

CSAD committees develop and maintain leading design standards that are used worldwide. The CSAD Executive Committee manages 28 committees with 20 subcommittees.

Local Activities Division

LAD committees and local groups serve the needs of local SEI local members. The Local Activities Division is comprised of SEI Chapters and Structural Technical Groups (STGs) within ASCE Sections and Branches. To get involved, contact your Local Group.

Technical Activities Division

TAD advances the profession with the dedicated work of its 72 technical committees that produce technical papers and publications, organize the annual Structures Congress, and produce the Journal of Structural Engineering, the Journal of Bridge Engineering, and the Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction.

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