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Hoover Dam BypassIn October 1999 the SEI Board of Governors passed this resolution:

The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) supports separate licensing of structural engineers. SEI will support and encourage activities to achieve this goal in each state and other jurisdictions.

Since this resolution was passed, SEI, NCSEA and CASE have conducted a number of activities in support of separate licensing. In 2000, a joint summit was held to stimulate national dialogue on the issue of separate licensing and begin moving toward achieving a national consensus on the future of structural engineering licensing. In 2002 a second summit was held to assess progress and examine options. In 2004 a workshop convened to develop model strategies for pursuing separate SE licensing at the local level, and in July 2008 representatives from 20 states gathered to share experiences and discuss strategies to support efforts for specialty SE licensing.

In January 2010, the SEI Board of Governors adopted SEI Policy Statement 101 on Structural Engineering License:

The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) supports Structural Engineering licensure. It encourages Professional Engineers practicing structural engineering to further obtain a Structural Engineer license in jurisdictions that have any form of Structural Engineering license by complying with the jurisdiction’s specified requirements for education, experience and examination, and by meeting continuing education requisites to maintain this license. SEI also encourages jurisdictions to license Structural Engineers as a post-PE (Professional Engineer) credential, and to include in their new legislation an equitable transitioning clause for engineers currently practicing structural engineering.

View the full Policy Statement.

Learn more about Structural Engineering Licensure Coalition activities and resources in support of S.E. licensure.

 Currently several structural groups around the country are pursuing specialty licensing for structural engineers or considering undertaking such an effort. The following materials are provided to assist in such efforts.

For state requirements for licensure visit NCEES.

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