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SEI activities advance the understanding of sustainable practices that impact structural engineers.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee strives to advance sustainability in the structural engineering community. Learn more about its mission and goals as well as who the committee members are and what projects they are working on at the Sustainability Committee website.

Sustainability Resources

SEI produces many resources including books, webinars, and seminars to deepen the understanding of sustainability practices. Below are just a few examples:

Sustainability Guidelines for the Structural EngineerSustainability Guidelines for the Structural Engineer, by the SEI Sustainability Committee, is now available for purchase through ASCE. Learn more about the 300-page book on our Publications page.

Structural Thermal Bridging in the Building Envelope (PDF): Structural engineers play a crucial role in creating energy efficient building envelopes. A building’s thermal envelope cannot be separated from its structure. Accordingly, some structural details can undermine the energy performance of the building, due to effects such as thermal bridging of structural elements across the building insulation. This webinar presents a simple methodology for estimating the maximum potential for the reduction of effective R-value of insulation due to discontinuities that create parallel heat paths through a building envelope.

Using infrared images, you will review the visual evidence of heat loss through structural thermal bridges - both superstructures and foundations. The webinar offers suggestions for alternative details that minimize energy loss by utilizing techniques such as using less conductive materials and minimizing the amount of conductive elements that pass through the insulated envelope. You may never detail building structures the same way again! Visit the ASCE Continuing Education to search for more webinars on sustainability topics.