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Connect with your profession

The Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) provides its members a unique opportunity to make connections and build relationships within the industry.

Join SEI

SEI offers structural engineers and those allied to the profession three grades of membership: Student, Individual, and Fellow. Individual membership in SEI is available as SEI-Only or as ASCE/SEI, which is available when a member joins ASCE and selects SEI as an Institute. (NOTE: If an ASCE member joins an Institute, the first one is complimentary, additional dues may be required for additional Institute memberships. SEI offers many benefits and joining online is easy.

Join a local SEI Chapter

Local groups serve to connect local professionals; find an SEI Chapter in your area.

Join an SEI Committee

More than 100 committees produce SEI programs, publications, conferences, and continuing education; learn more about how you can participate to advance the structural engineering profession.