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Business and Professional Activities Division Committees

Business and Professional Activities Division (BPAD)

Purpose: Improve the quality of structural engineering services, improve the quality of structural engineering practice, and advance the standing of structural engineers in society.

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BPAD Committees:

Executive Committee  

  • Pat McCormick, P.E., Chair
  • Dan Lavrich, Past Chair
  • Caleb Hing
  • David Odeh
  • Michael Planer, CASE Representative
  • Jon Schmidt
  • Ben Nelson, NCSEA liaison

Business Practices Committee  

Purpose: To consider the issues that relate to the role of the structural engineer in the greater business environment and within the public at large.

Design Practices Committee  

Purpose: To consider issues related to code implementation and national standards.

Trial Design Problems

SEI trial design problems are investigations into how structural engineers interpret code provisions. The purpose is to evaluate if practicing engineers are able to accurately understand and consistently implement the current code as well as possible future code provisions. The exercises are designed to take about an hour, and all solutions will be anonymous in the publication of results.

Digital Media Task Committee  

Purpose: To leverage digital marketing channels to enhance and advocate SEI’s overall mission in the most effective manner. Digital marketing channels include, but not limited to, social media, digital video, mobile platform, and SEI web content, shall be the focus of the committee.

Engineering Philosophy Committee

Purpose: To investigate how each branch of philosophy applies to structural engineering, and explain how philosophy is relevant to current issues in the profession. 

Joint SEI - CASE Committee on BIM

Purpose: to explore, document, and disseminate the benefits, risks, and practical and contractual implications of implementing building information modeling, as it affects the structural engineering profession.

For questions or more information, see the Joint Committee website

Professional Activities Committee  

Purpose: The Professional Activities Committee addresses issues relating to licensing, regulatory issues, and professional development activities for individual structural engineers.

For information regarding activities on S.E. licensure, go to SE Licensure Resources.

Public Relations Committee

Purpose: To address issues that relate to the public image of professional structural engineers.

The Public Relations Committee collaborates with the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) to produce the "Make Your Mark" poster; learn more and request the current poster.