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Technical Committees

Technical Activities Division (TAD)

The Technical Activities Division is made up of SEI's technical committees which are concerned with a variety of Structural Engineering issues. These committees develop technical publications, technical sessions for conferences, specialty conferences, provide articles for journals, manuals of practice, committee reports and more.

Purpose: Advance the science of structural design by increasing the knowledge of the physical properties of engineering materials, developing methods of analysis, studying the relative merits of various types of structures and methods of fabricating, and disseminating knowledge relating to this division of the engineering profession.

Executive Committee

  • Bob Nickerson, Chair
  • Sheila Rimal Duwadi, Past Chair
  • Jerry Hajjar, Vice Chair  
  • Sashi Kunnath, Secretary
  • Elizabeth English, Member
  • Dennis Mertz, BOG Representative
  • Andy Herrmann, BOG Representative  

The SEI Technical Activities Division has 9 Technical Administrative Committees that oversee the activity of the technical committees listed at the bottom of the page.

Join a Technical Committee  

Please note that the Technical Administrative Committees are not available to general membership.

Chart of Current Special Projects

TAD Forms

  • Meeting Request Form (PDF)
  • New Committee Form  
  • Document Review Form (PDF)
  • Policies and Procedures Manual (PDF): This document outlines the general policies and operational procedures of the Technical Activities Division. They are intended as a guide for officers and members of all Division Committees to be used in conjunction with the Rules of Policy and Procedure, Constitution, and Bylaws of the Society as published in the ASCE Official Register, with interpretations by the Division Executive Committee. Please refer to appendix VI of the Policies and Procedures Manual for copies of all TAD forms.

You can view and/or download the manual and forms using the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows or Macintosh.

Technical Administrative Committees

Analysis and Computation-Technical Administrative Committee

Bridges-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Bridge Management, Inspection, and Rehabilitation
  • Bridge  and Tunnel Security
  • Cable-Supported Bridges
  • Concrete Bridge Design (Joint w/ ACI 343)
  • Steel Bridges
  • Timber Bridges

Concrete-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Concrete Shell Design and Construction (Joint w/ ACI 334)
  • Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs (Joint w/ ACI 421)
  • Development and Splicing of Deformed Bars (Joint w/ ACI 408)
  • Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Joint w/ ACI 447)
  • Fracture Mechanics of Concrete (Joint w/ ACI 446)
  • Joints and Connections in Monolithic Concrete Structures (Joint w/ ACI 352)
  • Precast Structural Concrete (Joint w/ ACI 550)
  • Prestressed Concrete (Joint w/ ACI 423)
  • Reinforced Concrete Columns (Joint w/ ACI 441)
  • Shear and Torsion (Joint w/ ACI 445)

Dynamic Effects-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Blast, Shock and Impact
    Structural Dynamics
  • Multihazard Mitigation
  • Seismic Effects
    Disaster Resilience of Structures, Infrastructures and Communities
    Emerging Analysis Methods in Earthquake Engineering
    Seismic Evaluation of Structures at Water and Wastewater Facilities 

Metals-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Cold Formed Members  
  • Composite Construction (Joint w/ ACI 335)
  • Design of Steel Building Structures  
  • Fatigue and Fracture
  • Methods of Design
  • Special Structures
  • Structural Connections
  • Structural Members

Performance of Structures-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Demolition Engineering
  • Disproportionate Collapse
  • Methods of Monitoring Structural Performance
  • Performance-Based Design for Structures
  • Structural Identification of Constructed Systems

Special Design Issues-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Aesthetics in Design
  • Electrical Transmission Structures
    Subcommittee on the Gene Wilhoite Award
    Task Committee on Aesthetic Design of Transmission Line Structures
    Task Committee on Electrical Transmission Line Structural Loading
    Task Committee on Recommended Practice for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Products of Overhead Utility Line Structures
    Task Committee on Substation Structural Design
    Task Committee on Wood Pole Structures for Electrical Transmission Lines 
  • Fire Protection  
  • Sustainabilty
    Thermal Bridging 
  • Tall Buildings

Technical Council on Life-Cycle Performance, Safety, Reliability and Risk of Structural Systems

  • Life-Cycle Performance of Structural Systems Under Uncertainty
  • Reliability-Based Structural System Performance Indicators
  • Risk Assessment of Structural Infrastructure Facilities and Risk-Based Decision Making

Wood-Technical Administrative Committee

  • Performance of Wood Structures
  • Design of Wood Structures
  • Wood Education
  • Wood Research