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Structural Engineering for Young People

www.asceville.orgVisit ASCE's website for Young People - ASCEville  


  • Sodaplay
  • BridgeBuilder
  • Phun
  • The Tower of Goo
  • Elefunk

Enter Contests and Win Prizes

Make Your Mark Poster Available

Inspire and encourage students to pursue structural engineering as a career with the Make Your Mark poster, produced by the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA) and SEI. Include this free tool in your outreach efforts with local students. Limited supplies of the complimentary poster are available upon request to Suzanne Fisher. Be sure to include the number of posters you are requesting and where they should be sent.

Educational Resources

Engineering and Math Shows

More Engineering FunRoller Coaster

Bridge Documentaries


For More Information

Are you an educator? Invite an engineer to speak to your class

Ask an engineer!  Do you have a question about structures?  

Are you an engineer who would like to get involved?

  • Answer questions from curious minds
  • Inspire the young people in your community - speak at a local school or take a class on a site visit
  • Encourage budding designers and sponsor a high school intern

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