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O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship

Information about the O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship

The O. H. Ammann Research Fellowship in Structural Engineering, which is bestowed annually to a member for the purpose of encouraging the creation of new knowledge in the field of structural design and construction. The O. H. Ammann Fellowship was endowed in 1963 by O. H. Ammann, Hon.M.ASCE, and was increased in 1985 by Klary V. Ammann (widow of O. H. Ammann).

2014 applications are due November 1, 2013.

To apply, fill out the on-line application. Information and instructions for the application are available here.

Announcement of the 2013 O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship Award

The SEI Technical Activities Division Executive Committee awarded four 2013 O.H. Ammann Research Fellowships in Structural Engineering. SEI received a record number of applications that were of exceptionally high-quality for the 2013 fellowship and decided to give multiple awards to encourage their research. The four winners are described below:

Sarah Bobby 2013 Ammann WinnerSarah Bobby obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Notre Dame in 2010. As an undergraduate, Sarah studied the effects of aerodynamic loads on tall buildings under the guidance of Professor Ahsan Kareem. Specifically, Sarah was involved in research involving damage to infrastructure in Houston during Hurricane Ike in 2008. She also analyzed data for the Chicago Full-Scale Monitoring Project (CFSMP). The CFSMP monitors several buildings both in the Chicago area and around the world in order to validate the performance of the structures against wind tunnel and analytical models used during the design process. Sarah used system identification techniques to determine the in-situ dynamic properties of several structures and validate the performance of tall buildings against model predictions. At graduation in 2010, Sarah received the Sydney Kelsey Outstanding Scholar Award, which is awarded annually to a senior engineering student for excellence and creativity in academics. After graduation Sarah decided to continue her studies and pursue a Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame remaining under the guidance of Professor Ahsan Kareem, where she continues to research structural engineering and natural hazards. During her coursework, Sarah became interested in topology optimization and realized its usefulness in structural design applications. Her current research is focused on using topology optimization to obtain both efficient and robust designs capable of adequately resisting the natural hazards she has previously studied. Sarah is also involved in the Notre Dame chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, which is focused on outreach programs to teach middle school and high school-aged students about the importance of structural engineering.

Erica Fischer 2013 Ammann WinnerAfter completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Cornell University in 2007, Erica Fischer worked in New York City as a structural engineer first for DeSimone Consulting Engineers and then Murray Engineering where she worked on a variety of high-end renovation and new construction projects throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. During this time, Erica served as the chair of a number of committees with the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY), which included establishing their High School Outreach Program. After the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, Erica traveled to Haiti to aid with building inspections throughout Port-au-Prince and Leogane, and assisted in the creation of a masonry construction-training program for Haitian workers. In the fall of 2010, she began her graduate work at Purdue University where her current Ph.D. research investigates the effects of fire on steel building construction, performing large-scale structural tests at Purdue’s Bowen Laboratory as well as finite element modeling to examine beam–to-column connection behavior at elevated temperatures. This research, combined with those of her colleagues, will assist structural engineers in analyzing buildings at elevated temperatures. Erica has been president of Purdue University’s EERI student chapter for the last two years, leading efforts in hosting full-day seminars and outreach programs. Purdue’s EERI chapter facilitates a number of local and worldwide outreach programs that have included collecting textbooks for the state university in Haiti and teaching local U.S. high school students about earthquake engineering. She also served as co-president of EERI’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) during the 2012-2013 school year. The SLC organizes and runs the EERI Undergraduate Seismic Design Competition each year at the EERI Annual Meeting and the Young Researcher’s Symposium at the NEES Quake Summit. Erica holds her Professional Engineering license in the state of California and sits on the SEI/ASCE Sustainability Committee.  

Eric Kjolsing 2013 Ammann WinnerEric Kjolsing obtained his B.S. degree in Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in 2007. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and as the departments Salutatorian while completing coursework in both civil and earthquake engineering. Mr. Kjolsing continued his studies at UCSD, completing his M.S. degree in Structural Engineering in 2008 with an emphasis in structural design, structural analysis and earthquake engineering. In 2011, Mr. Kjolsing earned his M.B.A. from San Diego State University with a coursework emphasis in finance and a thesis outlining a competitive framework for firms in the transportation industry pursuing Design-Build projects. Mr. Kjolsing returned to UCSD in 2012 to pursue a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering. His cross-disciplinary research proposes to develop and prototype an energy harvesting system capable of withstanding harsh environments.
Mr. Kjolsing has been actively involved with ASCE since 2004. As an undergraduate he participated in a variety of design competitions including Seismic Design and Concrete Canoe. As a graduate student he was the ASCE student chapter Graduate Liaison. As a professional he was an ASCE Younger Member Forum PE review course instructor and a Practitioner Advisor to the ASCE student chapter at UCSD.
Mr. Kjolsing is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of California and has worked as an Associate Bridge Engineer for both T.Y. Lin International and Moffatt & Nichol. He has been involved in the design or independent check of a number of projects, most notably: Veterans Memorial Bridge (Portland, ME), Port Mann Bridge (Vancouver, British Columbia), and Milliken Avenue Separation (Ontario, CA). 

Teng Wu 2013 Ammann WinnerTeng Wu obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering at Tongji University in 2007. During that period he also completed degree in Financial Engineering Minor at Fudan University. As an undergraduate, Teng received the Mao Yi-sheng Engineering Education Medal for students. At graduation in 2007, Teng's thesis obtained the first place in the Bridge Engineering department at Tongji University. The research topic was live loads on highway bridges, based on which he published his first journal paper in 2007. Teng was a First-Class First Graduate at Tongji. After graduation, Teng decided to continue his studies as a master student at Tongji University and one year later as a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame. Teng obtained his Master of Engineering in Bridge and Tunnel Engineering at Tongji University in 2010 and Master of Science in Civil Engineering at the University of Notre Dame in 2011. As a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame, Teng's research focuses on nonlinear bluff-body aerodynamics. He has developed a unified analysis framework for nonlinear aerodynamics and aeroelasticity related to long-span bridges. Specifically, his studies include buffeting and flutter analyses, vortex-induced vibration, rain-wind induced vibration, aerodynamic nonlinearity identification, neural network modeling, Volterra theory, reduced-order modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and turbulence modeling. He has published/submitted more than 10 journal papers and 20 conference publications. He also serves as a reviewer of several refereed journals including Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics and ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Past Winners of the O.H. Ammann Research Fellowship Award

  • 2002 Beth Brueggen
  • 2003 Beth Brueggen
  • 2004 Kerri Anne Taeko Tokoro
  • 2005 Dragana Jankovic
  • 2006 Dragana Jankovic
  • 2007 Kapil Khandelwal
  • 2009 Taraka Ravi Shankar Mullapudi
  • 2010 Fernando Moreu
  • 2011 Rachel Howser
  • 2012 Megan McCullough
  • 2013 Sarah Bobby, Erica Fischer, Eric Kjolsing, Teng Wu