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Student Structural Design Competition

SEI Student Structural Design Competition

SEI sponsors a structural design competition for student teams.

Innovative projects demonstrating excellence in structural engineering are invited for submission.

Awards include cash prizes and an opportunity to present their designs at Structures Congress.

View 2014 Winners

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2015 Competition

A written submission will be judged and three finalist teams will be invited to present their designs at Structures Congress in Portland, Oregon, April 23 – 25, 2015. The finalist teams will be judged on an oral presentation during the conference and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards will be determined as a combination of the written submission and oral presentation. Awards include complimentary registration to the conference (up to three student registrations and one full registration for the faculty advisor) and cash prizes: 
First Place: $1,000
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $250

Awards will be determined following the oral presentations, and winning designs will be published at

Eligibility: Structural engineering design projects from any team of undergraduate civil engineering students are eligible to submit an entry. Projects from classes and other university assignments may be used (e.g. capstone design classes, senior assignments, class design projects). Projects solely performed as an employee of a design firm for which no university credit was obtained are not eligible. A maximum of one design from each university will be allowed. Any structural engineering design will be accepted, including but not limited to new building and bridge design, and existing building and bridge retrofit.

Format: Written submissions should be in a portable, generally available electronic format (such as *.pdf), suitable for presentation to a client. Creative, professionally acceptable formats are allowed and encouraged. A one-half page abstract (<200 words) should be included at the beginning of the submission. Do not put any identifying names or affiliations in the body of the report (reports will be numbered and separated from the entry forms). The submission should not include any handwritten or hand-drafted work. Calculations should only be provided as examples and generally should be less than four pages. The design submission should be of a sufficient length to demonstrate the project, but no longer than 15 pages including all materials

Evaluation: Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Format – choice of an appropriate format, suitable for presentation to a client [10%]
  • Material - technical or theoretical content correctness [30%]
  • Demonstrated Knowledge and Understanding of Subject - depth of knowledge [20%]
  • Originality and Complexity - design and discussion innovative [20%]
  • Presentation - neatness, style, organization, clarity and readability [20%]

Submit your entry by January 5, 2015 for design projects completed in 2014. The three finalist teams will be notified and invited to Structures Congress to compete for the final awards and cash prizes. Details regarding the oral presentation will be provided with the invitation to Structures Congress.

Congratulations to the 2014 Winning Teams!

First Place

California State University Fullerton Team: Jeffrey Addison, Tyler Kaplan, Cole Stafford, Abraham Flores, with Faculty Advisor David Naish for their Independence Tower Project  

CSUF 2014 Team 

Second Place

Villanova University Team: James Matzke, Joaquin Iglesias, Patrick McAlpine, Sean Muirhead, Fernando Rabell, with Faculty Advisor Zeyn Uzman for their Cambodia Pre-School Project 

 Villanova U 2014 Team

Third Place

University of Texas - Pan American Team: Ryan Holdener and Luke Potthast with Faculty Advisors: Ramon Lopez, Jason Adams, Jesus Sanchez, Edward Gonzalez, with Faculty Advisor Jungseok Ho for their Ingenium Institute Project

 U Texas 2014 Team