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ASCE-SEI New Orleans Chapter News

Prepared by Om Dixit, P.E., FASCE, Newsletter Editor

Since our report in September 2012 issue of this magazine, ASCE SEI New Orleans Chapter was busy hosting 2 seminars and has planned the following future seminars in New Orleans.

New Orleans Chapter

At the SEI New Orleans Chapter Seminar on October 18 the presenters, from left to right, Barry Reid, P.E., Rudy Hall, P.E., Benjamin Foley, and the Seminar Coordinator Steven Fall, P.E.

First seminar was held on October 18, 2012. SEI New Orleans Chapter invited Barry Reed, P.E., (Vice President Keystone Engineering, Metairie) and Benjamin Foley, P.E., (General Manager Offshore Renewables Group Keystone Engineering, Metairie) to present seminar “An Introduction to the Offshore Wind Industry and Discussion of the American Wind Energy Association’s 2012 Recommended Practices (AWEA RP2012)”. The presenters addressed Wind industry basics, American advances in to offshore wind and the AWEA RP 2012 code.

Second seminar was held on November 15, 2012. SEI New Orleans Chapter invited Joseph Yura, Ph.D., P.E., (Emeritus Professor in Civil Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas) to present 2012 David Hunter Lecture “Connection Eccentricities and Restraints: Common Misconceptions.” This seminar was postponed from May due to health problems of the speaker. Dr. Yura said that moments and forces caused by eccentricities and undesired restraints cause much confusion among structural engineers. The avoidance of eccentricities frequently results in very cumbersome details while in expert witness testimony, eccentricities and restraints are often cited as major causes for overstressed members. He further stated that in many instances the effects of eccentricity and connection restraints is grossly overstated. Dr. Yura also cited some common cases of eccentricity and restraints and he showed simple connection details with eccentricities. The seminar was attended by 67 members.

Next seminar will be on the topic of litigations and how to avoid them. SEI New Orleans Chapter has invited Jeffrey Coleman, P,E, (Coleman, Hull & Van Villet, Minneapolis, MN) who will present “Learning from the past, structural problems that ended in litigation” on February 26. Mr. Coleman will state a few actual cases and the lessons learned from those project cases.

Joseph Yura

2012 David Hunter Lecture presenter Dr. Joseph Yura, Ph.D., P.E. on November 15, 2012.

The committee is looking for good topics and speakers for future presentations. Members with expertise in the field of structural engineering would be welcome to join the Executive Committee. For any suggestion and information on joining the Executive Committee, contact Chairman Anthony Goodgion, P.E.  

All seminars are held at the University of New Orleans. Seminar dates, pertinent information, and registration can be found on the New Orleans Branch website at To add your name to our mailing list, e-mail Om P. Dixit, P.E.