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Work Product Resource

Committee projects, products — such as books, manuals of practice, committee reports, white papers, webinars, seminars— and events and conference sessions are collectively referred to as work products. Which work product your committee chooses to pursue is up to you. This resource will inform and guide you on the variety of work products available to advance the purpose of your committee. Choose whichever one or ones are right for achieve your goals and collaborate with your SEI staff contact to ensure success.

Standards, Manuals of Practice, Committee Reports, and Proceedings

Books, such as Standards, Manuals of Practice, and Committee Reports, as well as Proceedings provide the profession with technical expertise. These traditional committee work products have differing levels of requirements for preparing the manuscript as well as different publication formats and post-publication availability. View the Comparison of Characteristics for ASCE Book Product Lines to review the requirements and expectations for all of the written work products.

Webinars and Seminars

Presentations such as webinars and in-person seminars provide committees an opportunity to discuss timely content or present to the profession on a recently completed book. Webinars and in-person seminars have specific content and submittal requirements as well. Committees considering either of these Continuing Education venues should view the content provided For Instructors prior to beginning. 

Apps, Forums, White Papers, and other Special Projects

The work that your committee chooses to pursue is up to you; consider new delivery mechanisms as well as new technologies for engaging the profession in the technical or professional issues that your committee has discovered or resolved. Contact your SEI Staff contact to discuss new ideas to ensure the best support possible.