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Web and Teleconference Resource

As a committee chair you are responsible for maintaining the momentum of work for the committee. A useful mechanism is via teleconference for regular communication among the committee in-between face-to-face meetings.

Your SEI staff contact can assist you in scheduling a web or teleconference. Once scheduled, below are some best practices and tips that will ensure your success.

Tips and FAQs for ASCE’s web system:

  • Audio is only through the phone. Audio through the computer is not supported at this time.
  • To use the system audience members can use a program client or a web based version which requires java. The client, which requires the user to have permission to install programs on their computer, is the first option. The web-based option is presented at the bottom of the sign-in page. It is recommended to use the client for full functionality. The client will install Microsoft Office Live Meeting. It will work with Mac OS as well. If not Mac users may have to use the web-based interface.
  • When users login, some presenters find it helpful to login to the computer portion of the call first and then have the system call the participants. When they do this they only show up once on the participant list. If they dial in separately, they will show up both as a phone icon with no name and as a computer icon on the participant list.
  • It is recommended that first time users test system prior to the meeting time; this option is found in the audience invitation.
  • The presenter can elevate any participant to presenter status by right clicking on their name in the list of attendees and “Promote to Presenter.”
  • The presenter can invite others to join from within the call by using the functions from the attendees window. They can send an invitation via email or have the system dial the participant.