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Structures Congress 2015

2015 Structures Congress

Structures Congress 2015

Call for Proposals by June 11, 2014

Call for Papers/Submission  |  Topics and Subtopics  |  Key Dates |  
  Guidelines |  What does NTPC look for?  | Proceedings
Submit an abstract or proposal by June 11, 2014

Call For Papers/Submissions

SEI is now accepting proposals for complete sessions and abstracts for individual papers to be presented during Structures 2015 Congress. All Abstracts and Sessions due June 11, 2014.

If your submission is accepted you are required to register for and attend the Congress.

  • You are required to make a power point presentation for your scheduled session.
  • ASCE does not reimburse or pay the presenter's costs to attend Congress.
  • SEI does provide presenters a reduced registration rate.
  • Presentations will be selected from the open call as well as by special invitation.
  • All sessions are 90 minutes. The amount of time slotted for your power point presentation is depended on the number of speakers in your session.
  • Final papers are optional for accepted abstracts.

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Topics and Subtopics

View suggested paper topics and subtopics.

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Key Dates

June 11, 2014: All Abstract and Session Proposals Due
September 8, 2014: Notification of Acceptance
January 14, 2015: All final publication ready papers due (extension of this date not possible) 

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What do I select to start my submission and how do I upload it to the paper management system?

You are given three options. It is important you select the correct options.

  • New Individual Abstract - document that describes an individual presentation. You are not working with a group to organize a full 90 minute program. You submit your abstract to a topic and subtopic. How to upload New Individual Abstract  
  • New Full Session Proposal - A session is a 90 minute program. Traditional Session require 2 steps in the paper management system. Traditional Session has a moderator and about 4 papers presented. A panel session has a moderator and presenters but no papers and may be more interactive. How to upload a full session proposal
  • Submit Abstract to an Existing Session Proposal - If you have been contacted by someone organizing a Full Session and you have been told what the name of the Session is then you would select this option. Your document describes what you will discuss during your part of the full session. If you have not been contacted then you do not select this option. You select New Individual Abstract.  How to upload an abstract to an existing session proposal 2 step process  

What do I include in an abstract submission?

What do I include in a session submission ?

Note: Full Session Proposal with papers requires 2 steps. Make sure to review instructions. Sessions that will not have any papers only have a one step process.

Please Note:

  • The login name and password used for the abstract and session upload to the paper management system are the same for the final paper upload. This cannot be changed to a different login name and password
  • Allowable file types are Word 2003 (.doc)/2007 (.docx) or rich text format (.rtf). Columns not allowed and PDFs are not allowed
  • All sessions are 90 minutes
  • No more than 5 abstracts but preferably 4 should be connected to a 90 minute session
  • NTPC reserves the right to remove abstracts from a full session on technical grounds or if another abstract submitted is more descriptive and fits with the session
  • Submissions will be reviewed by the SEI National Technical Program Committee (NTPC) for decisions on acceptance
  • Please make sure you can accept e-mails from

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What does NTPC look for?

Technical Content  

  • Contribute to science and or/practice of Structural Engineering
  • Quality of methodology and approach
  • Impact

Quality of Presentation

  • Content (objectivity, methodology, results, conclusion, and/or limitations)
  • Clarity of writing, organization of abstract or session
  • Grammar and mechanics of writing
  • Format and size requirements

Goals of NTPC

  • Select the best technical program
  • Balance the program to include a variety of different topics
  • Provide adequate time frame for speakers to make presentations and allow questions and answers
  • Limit five abstracts/presentations per sessions NTPC prefers four
  • Create an attractive program for attendees
  • Encourage as many different presenters as possible

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To document the Structures Congress 2015, proceedings will be published on a CD. Authors of accepted abstracts are strongly encouraged to submit a 10 to 12 page final paper for inclusion in the proceedings. The proceedings will be copyrighted and published by ASCE. It is the author's responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions or approvals from employers, project owners, or clients prior to submission of the final paper for publication. Material included in your submission from previously published sources, including the Internet, may require permission from the copyright holder of that publication or Web site. It is the author's responsibility to obtain the permission for reuse of this material and include the appropriate credit information in the paper. Questions regarding paper formatting or copyright and permissions contact  Donna Dickert.

View Paper Formatting Instructions

View  copyright and  permission information

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Questions? Contact Debbie Smith via email or at 703-295-6095.