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At first glance, one might look at Dr. W. Lee Shoemaker’s family history and conclude that engineering is simply in his blood – after all, his father, both his brothers, and all three of his sons are now engineers. But engineering is much more than a family cottage industry for Shoemaker, who serves as director of research and engineering for the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA). It is the cornerstone industry of innovation, an industry which Shoemaker has consistently and systematically sought to further through research and groundbreaking structural engineering studies that have led to the expansion of exciting new endeavors. Having served as administrative principal-in-charge for more than 75 structural engineering research projects, Shoemaker has led every MBMA research endeavor since 1995, overseeing the entire process and coordinating all aspects of the research. This has provided much information and advancement of structural engineering knowledge that he brings to the development of national standards on the ASCE/SEI committees on which he serves. Shoemaker has had a full career that includes academic teaching and research in structural engineering at Auburn University as well as some interesting industrial experience in structural engineering. His engineering degree from Duke University provided him with the background to tackle many structural engineering challenges, including structural design of large oil tankers and the structural design of tower cranes and their installations.
Ph.D., P.E., F.SEI, M.ASCE
SEI Fellow Since 2013