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Dr. Bahram Shahrooz is a professor of structural engineering at the University of Cincinnati. He has received numerous research grants and contracts to examine seismic performance of innovative hybrid structural systems; to study load-carrying capacity and resistance mechanisms of existing, deteriorated bridges; to revise bridge codes to allow the use of high-strength materials, and to use advanced composite materials for construction of new bridges and repair and retrofit of existing bridges. He has published more than 130 refereed journal papers, peer-reviewed conference proceeding papers, technical reports, and magazine articles. Dr. Shahrooz is a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute and an active member of several ACI, AISC, and ASCE technical committees; past chairman of ASCE Composite Construction committee; and past chairman of the ACI Composite and Hybrid Structures committee. He is a registered professional engineer in Ohio, and has served as a consultant on several projects dealing with the use of innovative concepts for strengthening of existing bridges and storage tanks, the use of fiber reinforced concrete for culvert, and product development for leading construction industries.
SEI Fellow Since 2014