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Brian Leshko is a Vice President, Senior Professional Associate and HDR’s Bridges & Structures Inspection, Management and Operations Program Leader based in Pittsburgh, PA. He received his B.S.C.E. from the United States Air Force Academy in 1985, an M.S. in Structural Engineering from the University of Connecticut in 1990, and a Master of Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Structural Dynamics from The Johns Hopkins University in 1994. Brian served 7 years on Active Duty as a U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Officer with assignments as a Construction Engineer, Quality Assurance Evaluator, and Instructor of Civil Engineering at the United States Air Force Academy. He has devoted the last 20 years of his career as a bridge engineer and inspector. His experience includes in depth bridge and tunnel condition inspections, rehabilitation designs, and ratings by working stress and load factor methods. He is a Certified Bridge Safety Inspector and a former SPRAT-Certified Level I Rope Access Technician with extensive rope access and structure climbing experience inspecting large and complex structures, including tunnels, pipeline structures, boat locks, plate girder, box girder, arch, suspension, cable-stayed, segmental concrete and various truss bridges. Brian has been a Professional Engineer since 1992, and he is registered in 16 states. He joined ASCE in 1985 and was named a Charter Member of SEI in 1996. Brian has actively served the structurally engineering profession, highlighted by forming the first SEI Local Chapter in the Pittsburgh Section (2005), Chairing the SEI Local Activities Division Executive Committee, and culminating as a member (2005-2007) and Treasurer (2007-2009) of the SEI Board of Governors. He also serves as an SEI Member of the Editorial Board of STRUCTURE magazine since 2005.
SEI Fellow Since 2012