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Dan Eschenasy is the New York City Buildings Department Chief Structural Engineer. In this position he advises the Commissioner on the planning and response to disasters, building code issues and technical bulletins. Has been the first responder lead engineer in cases of building collapses or construction accidents. Using statistical analyses of building conditions or of accidents, advises on the problem trends that require introduction of new programs. He has collaborated with New York City consulting community in developing new consensus on the condition evaluation of retaining walls or facades. Eschenasy was the principal forensic engineer for a variety of cases such as collapses during demolitions, failures of falseworks, post fire structural collapses, uncontrolled blast damages, failures of façade elements resulting in accidents. Following the terrorist attack at WTC, Eschenasy was the principal organizer of the structural engineering response at the site. In Sandy’s aftermath he organized the engineering inspection of over 10,000 buildings. Prior to joining NYC Buildings, Eschenasy participated in the design of structures for a large range of users –nuclear, petrochemical, schools, museums, office high-rises, historic landmarks. Is serving as member of several ASCE/SEI committees and is a honorary member of SEAONY.
SEI Fellow Since 2014