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David Cocke, S.E. founded Structural Focus in 2001 after 20 years at Degenkolb Engineers. David started with Degenkolb in San Francisco in 1981, opened and managed their new office in Los Angeles in 1995 to 2001. David is registered as a structural engineer in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Florida and several other states. His experience includes new structural design, seismic evaluation, historic preservation, and retrofit design. He has managed a variety of project types and sizes. Examples include large and small historic landmark building strengthening and repairs, new laboratory buildings, repair and retrofit of commercial buildings, large university building renovations, renovations and design of new studio production facilities, evaluations of large building inventories (industrial, high-tech and film studios), and numerous university and school renovations, additions and strengthening. David is very active in the preservation of historic buildings and has made numerous presentations regarding the reuse of existing buildings as supporting sustainability principles. David is also co-founder and Managing Director of SAFEq Institute. David is a recognized expert in building business resiliency and continuity related to disaster risks. He was an on-the-ground responder, inspecting buildings for weeks after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. David's believes that preplanning and partnerships with Cities can substantially minimize business interruption in the wake of an earthquake or other disaster. That belief was the driving idea behind the SAFEq Institute, serving as a resource for post-disaster inspections information and providing direct services to government entities.
SEI Fellow Since 2013