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With more than 28 years of experience, Mr. Jaramillo has participated in multiple structural engineering projects on several states and abroad for a wide range of industries, always mentoring younger engineers assembling technical teams capable to produce high quality deliverables using innovative technologies and establishing quality control systems that ensure a sustainable engineering practice. In the academy Mr. Jaramillo served as Associated Professor on the Pontificate University Xaveriana, Bogota Colombia, Teaching the courses of Bridge Design and Pre-stressed Concrete design. Mr. Jaramillo has also published the following papers: “Axially loaded stainless steel compression members”, Georgia Institute of technology, 2006, Master’s Thesis. “Rehabilitation of Bridges, 12th Structural Engineering Conference, SCI-AIS/97” and articles in the magazine “Revista Ingeniero Javeriano,” where he was Director of the Editorial Committee (1993-1994). Additionally and along his career Mr. Jaramillo has been very committed with professional organizations being during the last three years, the Structural Chair for the Technical committee for the ASCE Houston Branch and serving as the Chair of the recently created Houston Chapter.
SEI Fellow Since 2013