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Dr. Hota has been a faculty member at West Virginia University since fall 1969, following the completion of his graduate degrees at NCSU and undergraduate at IIT Madras. He started as an assistant professor and rose through the ranks to be named the first Maurice A. and Jo Ann Wadsworth Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at WVU in 2010. Dr. Hota was the founding member of the Constructed Facilities Center at WVU in 1988 and CICI in 2009, both sponsored by the National Science Foundation and funded through a wide range of government and industry agencies. He has taught a wide range of courses related to structural engineering and mechanics and received several research grants and contracts from many federal, state, and local government agencies. He has graduated close to 300 graduate level students includes MS and PhD and published over 300 technical articles. He has received several technical awards and recognitions for his work and has appeared on both CNN and ABC Evening News.
SEI Fellow Since 2014