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Dr. Baylot has completed 36 years of planning, conducting and executing basic and applied research in the area of Civil Engineering, Survivability and Protective Structures at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. His research has included computational structural dynamics related to material modeling of concrete and geologic materials; weapons and explosion phenomenology including airblast, ground-shock, and fragmentation; soil-structure interaction and the response of conventional and hardened structures to failure. He has designed structures, planned and conducted field experiments and transferred the technology to the engineering community. He has led other researchers in conducting experimental programs and interpreting results. He has developed High-Performance-Computing and engineering level methods of predicting the response of structures to weapons effects. He has developed tri-service accepted methods for designing hardened structures. He is recognized by other Corps of Engineers, Department of Defense and Government offices, by foreign governments, and by Architect Engineer firms as an expert on weapons effects/structural dynamics. He is a fellow of ASCE, a past chair of two ASCE committees. He is very active in the Blast Shock and Impact Committee and in organizing and participating in technical sessions for the ASCE Structures Congress.
SEI Fellow Since 2014