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Joyce Copelan is a licensed Civil Engineer, with experiences in design, construction and maintenance of bridges and buildings. Copelan is a leader in seismic evaluations of state buildings in California. She developed a database that allowed comparisons of thousands of state owned buildings by structure type and using criteria that she led in developing to prioritize seismic retrofit work on hundreds of state buildings, a program that allocated millions of dollars from a state bond program. Copelan is a NBIS Team Leader for bridge inspections and trains other bridge inspectors. Copelan is a deputized emergency responder and instructor within the Safety Assessment Program that provides technical support to local building officials after major earthquakes. Copelan responded to earthquakes after Loma Prieta and Northridge quakes in California. Copelan is active in ASCE, serving as President of the Sacramento Section and founder of the Structural Engineering Institute Chapter in California. Copelan is a member of a local code committee, developing and improving seismic codes. Copelan has excelled at implementing practical outreach programs with fun hands on activities that engage and encourage thousands of regional youth to consider engineering as a career as they learn about engineering concepts.
SEI Fellow Since 2013