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In 1988, Mr. Lynch received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Structures from the University of Missouri at Rolla. He began his career in transmission lines with Black & Veatch where he participated in transmission line projects around the world. During this time he also became very interested in the newly emerging technology of 3-D computer modeling and was the pioneer in the integration of then newly emerging LiDAR technology with transmission line design. His professional interest and personal passion 3-D computer modeling led to his current position at PLSi as Vice President. Mr. Lynch is a registered Professional Engineer and an active member of many ASCE and IEEE technical committees, including the ASCE 48 Steel Pole Transmission Structures committee and the ASCE 10 Lattice Steel Transmission Structures Committee. He most recently served on ASCE’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and is serving on the ASCE Committee on America's Infrastructure. Otto is a past Chairman of the ASCE/SEI Committee of Electrical Transmission Structures and he is also a current member of the National Electrical Safety Code. Otto was recently honored by receiving the ASCE’s 2012 Gene Wilhoite Innovations in Transmission Line Engineering Award.
SEI Fellow Since 2013