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Bob Paullus was first given the opportunity to serve on the ASCE 7 Main Committee, along with the Seismic and Wind Subcommittees in 2006 because of work done in the NCSEA Code Advisory subcommittees. Since that time, he has sought to help consolidate the separate simplified wind load determination methods in ASCE 7 and the International Building Code. In addition, he has worked to bring concerns related to seismic regions in the central and eastern United States into the committee and update appropriate requirements. Where possible, he has sought to coordinate work in the NCSEA Code Advisory Subcommittees with the ongoing work in the ASCE 7 subcommittees. When proposals are brought to the NCSEA Wind and Seismic Code Advisory Subcommittees, he has sought to bring those proposals to the ASCE 7 Committee, first, for resolution in the current document development cycle. Through presenting seminars, testimony to governing bodies, and work with municipal and state Code Advisory Boards, he has sought encourage adoption of building codes referencing ASCE 7 as the standard for determination of environmental loads, especially when issues of wind and seismic loading are considered. His most significant involvement is in the New Madrid Seismic region.
SEI Fellow Since 2013