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Robert Nickerson is a consulting engineer. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth in 1976 with a BSCE. He has been a licensed engineer in the state of Texas since 1983 and is registered in seven other states. Mr. Nickerson has extensive experience in the analysis, design, and full-scale testing of electrical transmission structures. His career includes eleven years with a fabricator in the design of transmission structures, nine years associated with EPRI Transmission Line Mechanical Research Center and fourteen years as an independent consultant. Mr. Nickerson has 34 years of professional experience in the electric transmission industry.

Mr. Nickerson is very active in the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE and is currently a member of the SEI Technical Activities Division Executive Committee. He was past Chair of the Special Design Issues TAC committee and past Chair of the Electrical Transmission Structures committee. He is the Chairman of the ASCE Standards Committee on Design of Lattice Steel Transmission Structures (a member since 1987) and a member of the ASCE Standards Committee on Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures (a member since 1991). Mr. Nickerson has actively participated in the publication of Manuals of Practice for the electric utility industry. Mr. Nickerson an active Steering Committee member for the Electrical Transmission Conference held in 2002, 2006 and 2009 and scheduled for November 2012.Mr. Nickerson has authored or co-authored papers presented at the Structures Congress and at the Electrical Transmission Specialty conferences.

SEI Fellow Since 2012