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Ronald E. Randle is currently Vice President of Engineering for EDM International, Inc. (EDM) a consulting firm serving the electrical utility industry. Prior to joining EDM in 1997, Mr. Randle worked 23 years and was Vice President and Director of RD&E for T&B Meyer, a leading producer of steel support structures for electric utility lines. He was involved in the design and manufacture of structures for approximately 40,000 circuit miles of transmission lines. Mr. Randle received his formal education at the University of Wyoming where he earned a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering (1968) and an M.S. degree in Structural Engineering (1970).

Mr. Randle has authored numerous papers on utility line structures and has been an active member of ASCE since 1982. Within ASCE he has served as chairman of the task committee responsible for publishing the second edition of Manual of Practice No. 72, “Design of Steel Transmission Pole Structures” and also as chairman for ASCE’s standard committee ASCE/SEI 48 of the same title from 1991-2011. In addition, he served as secretary on the ASCE task committee on “Fiber-Reinforced Composite Structures for Overhead Lines” and is an active member on the ASCE standards committee for the “Design of Latticed Steel Transmission Towers”. He was also a member of the ASCE task committees on the “Structural Reliability-Based Design of Utility Poles”, and the “Design of Guyed Electrical Transmission Structures”. Mr. Randle was the 2008 recipient of the ASCE/SEI Gene Wilhoite Innovations in Transmission Line Engineering Award.

SEI Fellow Since 2012