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Dr. Satish Nagarajaiah—full professor at Rice University since 2006—obtained his Ph.D. (1987-1990) from State University of New York at Buffalo, where he was a post-doctoral researcher before he started his academic career in 1993. Nagarajaiah has made many notable contributions to structural engineering, structural dynamics, seismic protection, earthquake engineering and smart structures. His most notable and widely cited contributions, that have found implementation within the Unites States and around the world, are (1) nonlinear models for elastomeric and sliding bearings and 3D-BASIS computer program for nonlinear dynamic analysis of base isolated structures, (2) variable stiffness systems and smart tuned mass dampers, and (3) advanced system identification and structural health monitoring techniques, and multifunctional sensors. National Science Foundation recognized his contributions to smart structures with variable stiffness systems by awarding him the NSF CAREER award in 1998. Dr. Nagarajaiah currently serves as the managing editor of the journal of structural engineering, ASCE, and editor of the structural control and health monitoring journal, Wiley International. He currently serves on Technical Activities Division Executive Committee of ASCE (2006-to date). He was the founding chair of structural health monitoring committee-EMI (2004-2006), and chair of the structural control committee-SEI (1998-2002). Visit his website for further details.
SEI Fellow Since 2012