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Mr. Smith is president of TLSmith Consulting Inc., based in Rockton, Illinois. He is a licensed architect and a registered roof consultant. He is an internationally recognized expert on roofing technology and wind performance of building envelopes. His expertise is based on a unique combination of extensive experience with wind-damage investigation and analysis, involvement in academic and applied research, involvement in standards development, development of wind design guidelines published by FEMA and the National Research Council of Canada, experience in designing building envelopes in high-wind regions and teaching. He severed on the expert elicitation team convened by Texas Tech University in 2002 for the correlation of tornado wind speed and damage. The work, resulted in the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which is now used by the National Weather Service to characterize tornado severity. He has served on the ASCE 7 wind loads task committee since 1990. He has been a co-instructor since 20007 for a ASCE two-day seminar on flood and wind design for new and existing buildings in hurricane-prone regions (since 2007).
SEI Fellow Since 2013