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Mr. Coulbourne has been actively engaged in the development of structural engineering solutions to the problems presented by hurricanes and tornadoes for nearly 20 years. This work has involved investigating or being parts of teams that have investigated damages from over 10 hurricanes, 4 tornadoes, and 2 Midwest flood events. This investigative work has led to the primary authorship of FEMA's Coastal Construction Manual and Tornado Shelter Design Guidance, the first of its type for the protection of home owners from tornadoes within their own homes. This engineering work has additionally led to the development of many mitigation measures to reduce from these events which have found their way into building codes and engineering standards. He led the effort to create outreach for the profession when ASCE 7-10 made significant changes to its wind load provisions. Mr. Coulbourne has devoted many hours to the work of SEI's engineering standards for wind and flood hazards, and has volunteered many hours conducting assessments of engineering programs for ABET as a representative of ASCE.
SEI Fellow Since 2013